• History
  • I always used CDisplay
  • I don't like the automatic page change when scrolling
  • I want to customize keyboard shortcuts
  • History

    When David Ayton, the original author of CDisplay, died in 2003, I decided to continue his work.
    Since I do not have the source code, I totally rewrote the program.

    Some trolls have discouraged me from working on this project, I was hurt, and I stopped working on this program during many years.
    Meanwhile, the program has become popular, and many of you asked me to improve the program.
    This motivated me to revive the project.

    I always used CDisplay

    If you always used CDisplay, you may be confused by CDisplayEx. Here are some tips:

  • Set fullscreen mode: press F11 key
  • Improve image quality: menu > Options > Resize algorithme > Lanczos
  • Go to menu > Options > Configure > General
    • Uncheck "Smooth scrolling"
    • Uncheck "Show on-screen informations"
    • Check "Cache pages"
    • Check "small cursor"
    • Set "Scrolling attempts before changing page" to 1

    by doing this you will feel to use CDisplay, but faster.

    I don't like the automatic page change when scrolling

    There is an option to control this behaviour, it is located in "Options > Configure > General". His name is "Scrolling attempts before changing page".
    By default it is set to 0 so it will change page immediately after a scroll, if you set the value to 1 it will not change the page immediately, it will do it the next time.
    But if you want to deactivate this feature, just set the value to a big number.

    I want to customize keyboard shortcuts

    1. Go to menu > Option > Configure > Keyboard.
    2. Select item on the left side.
    3. Focus the edit field.
    4. Use your keyboard to set the combination.
    5. Use "<<" buttons to assign the shortcut.