Controlling interfaces


Scroll downMouse whell down
Scrool upMouse whell up
Scroll leftShift + mouse well up
Scroll rightShift + mouse well down
Scroll cursorMiddle button
Next pageDouble click on left button
Change pageLeft button + Whell down or up
Next fileX button 1
Previous fileX button 2
Zoom inCtrl + Mouse whell up
Zoom outCtrl + Mouse whell down


All keyboard shortcuts are configurables in menu:
Options > Configure > Keyboard

This is some usefull shortcuts configured by default

Next page Page down
Previous page Page up
First page Home
Last page End
Resume last fileR
Full screenF11

Leap Motion

Leap Motion and Comic Book Reader

To activate the Leap motion interface go to menu Options > Leap motion.

You can scroll and turn the pages using your hand.

  • To scroll, simply present your hand horizontally and move it, 3 fingers must be visible at least.
  • To turn the page, present your hand vertically and turn the page on the left or right using one finger.