+ Fixed bug when opening a folder, Previous/Next File was not working.


+ Fixed double-page problem on some mangas
+ Fixed bug when trying to load next/previous file and the folder is empty.
+ Fixed gesture direction with japanese mode.


+ Fixed: crash when loading application.
+ Fixed: Folders was not added to history.
+ Webp library updated to version 5.0 
+ 7zip library updated to latest version.
+ Removed unecessary rar5 library.
+ Fixed various crashs related to cache.


+ Faster and more accurate zoom.
+ Set bookmark name.
+ various options for showing on-screen informations.
+ Fixed Access Violation errors (mainly caused by broken sqlite database).
  Configuration is now stored in the registry.
+ Fixed Num pad shortcuts.
+ Fixed DoubleClick event in Japanese mode.
+ Fixed Automatic color correction in Double page mode.
+ Fixed next file loading with PDF.
+ Fixed magnifier with image edges.
+ Ukrainian translation.
+ Greek translation.
+ Bengali translation.
+ Updated German translation


+ Vibrance color correction.
+ PDF: Fixed some incompatibilities with various file formats.
+ PDF: Fixed Anti-Aliased Fonts.
+ Updated Webp v4.1.
+ translation: Vietnamese .


+ Improved Automatic color correction (White balance and sensitivity).
+ RGB Gamma adjustment.


+ Fix keyboard binding error (Introduced in previous release).

+ Fix PDF support, crash and blur image on both win32 and win64.


+ Prevent possible corruption of configuration file.


+ HotFix: Application can hang when fast flipping.


+ Fix a scrolling effect when opening book.


+ Hotfix: Crash when clearing history.

 + Fix skipping page when fast flipping.
 + Portuguese translation.
 + Reduced installer file size.


+ WebP is now working again in the shell extension.


+ Totally rewritten shell extension, faster and better image quality.
+ Fix explorer crash when calculating thumbnails on Windows 8.
  This was mainly caused by the webp library (removed from the shell extension for now).
+ Fixed "next volume" action, when archive is emty.
+ Updated unrar libraries.
+ Intaller: added an "Uninstallable" option (mainly for portable app).


+ Fix Shell Extension, it was not calculating thumbnails in certain situations.
+ Improved shell Extension to display cover from compressed archives (zip, rar, 7z)
  not activated by default.
+ Improved shell Extension to display WebP images.
  not activated by default.
+ Fixed rare bug when reading comic from CDROM.


+ Fit to screen mode is now configurable.
+ Improved Russian translation.
+ Fixed Japanese mode: keep keyboard mapping.
+ Fixed keyboard shortcut helper for "TAB" support.
+ Fixed invisible window when second monitor is not plugged.
+ Some cosmetic improvements.
+ Default scroll attempts before changing page is now set to 0.


+ Fix a image quality on the first page when opening a cbz with lanczos.


+ Improved Animated Gifs support.
+ Fix rare bug on CB7 files.
+ Fix rare bug on black image and automatic color correction tool.


+ Hotfix: Can't read pdf.


+ Support of animated GIF
+ Support of animated WebP
+ Automatically resume file (option).
+ Fixed a bug preventing thumbnail to be displayed.
+ Fixed a bug on Windows XP, help menu was hidden.
+ Disable automatic color correction on thumbnails.
+ Disable window size limit.


+ Page caching size is now configurable.
+ Page caching is activated by default.
+ Improved German translation.
+ Fix a bug in double page mode and "last page" action.


+ Pages caching option is now using background threads, 
  this prevents unpleasant delays during reading.


+ Fix rare bug with Lanczos algorithm on certain images.
+ Updated Hungarian language support.


+ Adjust pages height in double page mode.
+ Update Leap Motion libraries.
+ New option to hide the toolbar.
+ Fix: Restore last window position at startup.
+ Fix: Restore fullscreen state on the last screen.


+ fix rare bug with Lanczos algorithm on certain images.


+ Option: Include archives when loading next file.
+ Option: Folder recursion limit
+ Double page > Split function.


+ Alphabetic sort option.


+ fix rare bug when closing application.
+ fix a translation issue.
+ Add a "Small cursor" option (like original CDisplay).


+ Page caching option, to calculate next file in background (disabled by default).
+ Lanczos and linear resamplers are now 2 times faster.
+ You can adjust the quality of Lanczos algorithm.
+ Zooming is now faster.
+ Disable the ESC hardcoded key, so you can now decide his behaviour.
+ Fix the bugs regarding the "load next/prev file" action.
+ Hungarian language support.
+ "Check for update" action is back (menu > help).


+ Japanese mode improved, all interface is now adapted for right to left reading when this mode is selected.
+ Slovenian language support
+ Fix a bug in the "fit to screen" mode, it was skipping one page when reading.


+ fix Windows XP SP3 compatibility


+ fix RAR5 encrypted files.


+ Faster JPEG, PNG, GIF images decoding.
+ Support for RAR5 CBR files.
+ Faster RAR decompression.
+ Support for WEBP 0.4 images.
+ Updated translations (DE ES FR IT NL)
+ Fix rare bug when installing Shell Extention on old systems.
+ Fix rare bug displaying some GIF images.
+ Option to clear history when the application closes.
+ Option to hide on-screen informations.
+ Option: Slow scrolling on long key press.
+ The slideshow function scroll down instead of changing page.
+ Remember thumbsbar size.
+ Smaller installer.


+ Fix a small bug in configuration editor that prevents changing scroll size.


+ A bug introduced in version 1.9.13 that slows down the loading of comic archives has been fixed.


+ Option to activate the Leap motion manually.


+ Support for the Leap Motion
+ Handle additional mouse buttons to load next file or previous file.
+ Option to automatically load next file once you reach the end of the current file.
+ Loading a folder now also search images in sub folders.
+ Galician language support.
+ Fix some rare bugs.


+ fix incorrect page count in some cases.


+ fix a bug introduced in previous version, in some comic books all pages are not displayed.


+ Touch gestures.
+ Bookmarks.
+ Automatic background color option.
+ Number of scrolling attempts before changing page is now configurable.
+ Magnifier size is now configurable.
+ Zoom reset on changing page is now configurable.
+ Forward one page in double page mode is now configurable.
+ Polish language.
+ Configuration file format changed to sqlite.
+ Try to display corrupted jpeg images.
+ Fix pdf print quality.
+ Fit to screen can't be used with zoom option.
+ Cleanup history for deleted files at startup.


+ display images with bad extension

v 1.9.8

+ rotate all images
+ fix a crash when reading a comic book created under osx
+ fix a crash when a png file have a wrong jpeg file extension.

v 1.9.7

+ Win64: support for pdf reading

v 1.9.6

+ Detect landscape pages as double pages.

v 1.9.5

+ Use a faster jpeg library for both win32 and win64


+ Scroll size is now configurable.
+ The left an right scrolling actions are configurables.
+ New languages for those countries:
	- Japan
	- Czech
	- Arabic
	- German
+ Shell extension: fix .webp and .cbt covers.
+ Support Tiff images 


+ Fix bugs on keyboard Shortcut config utility.
+ You can now configure keyboard shortcuts for scrolling actions.
+ Simplified double page mode.
+ New languages for those countries:
	- Nederland
	- Norway
	- Danish
	- Iran
	- Brazil
	- China


+ fix some bugs when opening several books.


+ x64 version
+ Support of WebP image format.
+ Keep zoom level when changing pages.
+ Fix various navigation bugs.
+ Comic Thumbs in windows x64 Explorer


+ New Swedish, Turkish and Italian languages.
+ Fix history sort order.
+ Fix some scrolling issues.
+ New icons.
+ Option to disable smooth scrolling (for slow computers).
+ Configurable language.
+ Newest 7zip plugin.
- Disabled shell menu "open with cdisplayex".
+ Added slide bar
+ New install program.


+ Support for DjVu files.
+ Support for PDF files.
+ Smooth scrolling.
+ New shell context menu (Open with CDisplayEx) for files and folders.
+ New Spanish and Catalan Languages.
+ Progress bar moved to bottom left.
+ New Next and Previous page buttons blended on the display area.


+ Double page shadow.
+ Zoom.
+ Magnifier.
+ Multilingual (en,fr).
+ 7z: multifile archive handler.


+ Japanese mode
+ Forward and backward 2 pages option in double-page mode
+ New thumbnail slider.
+ New toolbar that share the same area than main menu.
+ New sevenzip plugin
+ New overlay progress bar.
+ New overlay page number.
+ Fully unicode
+ Reactivated the print function.
+ Improved keyboard scrolling.
+ Added slideshow duration configuration.
+ Save and restore the window state (maximized/minimized/normal).
+ Fixed many bugs
- Removed unusued ooo file type handling.