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User Interface

Home page

Home page

Device Storage

Access your internal storage space, SD cards and USB keys connected to the device.


Access locations that have been pinned to the home page as nested folders.


Books currently being read and reading suggestions.
Series from all locations included in the library.
All books from all locations included in the library and grouped by parent folder name.
All unread books in the library.
All favorite library books.
All Downloaded books.

Books presentation



Use the button at the bottom right to change the appearance and sorting of books.

Display modes

Simple list, there is an icon, the title and a colored vertical line on the left indicates the reading status. Read Reading.

Detailed list, There is thumbnail, title, number of pages, current page, file size and its original file name. Icons represent reading status (Read Reading), and favorite status.

The tiled view gives more space to the covers, a progress bar at the bottom represents the reading status. Favorite status is displayed on the cover. Examine the thumbnail options to change the number of columns and size of thumbnails.

Sorting option

You can sort by file name, size or age.

If sorting by name does not work as desired, enable display of the original filename.



Select the files to edit.

Long press on a book to display the editing bar. You can select more than one. Use the select all function if there are many files.


Mark file(s) as Read.

Mark file(s) as Unread.

Mark file(s) as Favorite.

Unmark file(s) as Favorite.

Reading flow from Right to Left.

Reading flow from Left to Right.

Permanently delete the file(s), including the local copy if it exists.

Delete local copy. Deletes only the downloaded file, the remote file is not touched.

Download file(s).

Navigates to the selected book series.